Thursday, October 3, 2013

Sparkling Almonds

I seem to have a theme this week - titles about food and shades of brown polish. I blame the food part on my Zumba schedule, and the brown polish on Autumn. ;)

After I did my chocolate mani yesterday, this lovely gem showed up from ebay. It's another attempt to have a polish that looks like the discontinued and very hard to find OPI Holiday Glow that I posted about yesterday. I think I might like this even more than Holiday Glow!

This is OPI DS Illuminate, a discontinued but gorgeous scattered holographic polish with a duochrome shift. There's so much awesomeness going on in this one!

I couldn't resist and actually did this last night after I got home from my class. I just had to see what it looked like on my nails! I loved the chocolate mani from yesterday, but THIS is just beautiful and might be my go-to color for Fall!

Polishes used:

Revlon Colorstay Gel-Smooth Base Coat
OPI Wooden Shoe Like to Know x1
OPI DS Illuminate x1
Seche Vite

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